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2023. Ltd is a private company partnered with Infinity Alignment Ltd, specialising in the research, promotion, and support of innovative treatments and alternative products that neutralise harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) caused by mobile phones, laptops, baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, smart meters, etc., and its negative impacts on the human body.

In 2008, Jean-Marc Degioanni (the founder) began a new venture to establish a business as a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Healer. The years of refining expertise and supporting his clients internationally led to the creation of Infinity Alignment Ltd in May 2013 and the opening of an associated licensed school. Initially serving as the sole employee, the company gradually advanced towards success by introducing Infinity Alignment Therapy—an integrative approach seamlessly blending healing modalities, nutrition, naturopathy, mycology, and natural supplements from reputable suppliers. Infinity Alignment Ltd. has consistently grown in size across Europe over the past decade.

Drawing from years of experience in consultation, Jean-Marc dedicated his time and research to discovering a solution to the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on the human body.

In June 2022, he opened 2023. Ltd company and developed a new brand and line of EMR-neutralising products. These groundbreaking products have received recognition and certification from the prestigious BION Institute in Slovenia for their protective influence on human organisms and for neutralising and minimising the negative health impacts of EMR from 4G mobile phones, routers, and other EM radiation-emitting devices. This certification is recognised worldwide.

Today, Infinity Alignment Ltd. and 2023. Ltd. cooperate to promote better health and lifestyles for all.