Tangible Sense of Protection

Being extremely sensitive to all kinds of energies, including EMF's, this Areca Plus Card sticker is a much appreciated and valuable ally to me. When having this whilst using devices, or in manmade built up areas, surrounded by EMF's or a lot of people I feel less drained and it gives me a tangible sense of protection, clarity and the grounding that I normally experience when I'm in nature.

Having it affirms my connection to Mother Earth.

Deep gratitude for the creation of the Areca Plus Card! Definitely enhances my quality of life.

~ Vicky H.

I feel better.

Being extremely sensitive to EMF's I have experienced all kinds of symptoms when using devices like feeling drained, low energy, dizziness, strong heat, irritability, headaches, convulsions, insomnia and a sharp pain like sensation throughout my whole body.

Having this sticker I feel less drained, can tolerate technology much better and feel stronger! What a relief!

~ Jake D.

Feeling freer!

Having the Areca Plus Card on my phone I feel less compressed in my chest. It was weird at first, I felt as though I could suddenly take in more air. Just like when you're at the top of a mountain taking in the fresh air. I feel so great after getting this!

~ Sharon M.

Boosted My Energy Levels

I have been carrying the Areca Plus Card for the last 2 years. When I put it on, I feel my breath become easier and my body feels calmer.

I got it for protection against EMF and I was not sure if it did anything until I lost it. I noticed that I was more tired during the day. 

When I found it and started wearing it again, it helped my energy levels again. This is worth getting. 

~ Simon